Marshall Pickard is a Graphic Designer who was in the burbs of Reading (that’s “Red-ding” — as in the railroad), but now he and his wife have relocated to beautiful downtown Lancaster, PA. He specializes in print design, identity (think branding & logos), social media promotion, website design, collateral, marketing, digital illustration, and more!
The long of it
Born in Media, Pa (Everybody's Hometown) and christened John Marshall Pickard  (email me, and I’ll explain why I go by my middle name). Typical childhood. Two working parents, a dog, two cats, and a brother and two sisters. We ALL survived despite the dangers of Jarts, biking without helmets, cars without seat belts, and the general hazards of being a child of the 70s.
I grew up, went to college at Temple University and worked as a fishmonger to pay tuition, and earned a degree in communication design and advertising. I continued my quest for knowledge at various art colleges and through good old self-education. I studied under the masters of art as well as the mistresses of graphic design.

I landed my first gig at the Lenox Group as a production artist. Paid my dues and got promoted to Graphic Designer designing brochures, catalogs, and direct mail kits of fine collectibles and tabletop products. Continued to work hard and was soon directing photo shoots and managing outside freelancers. 
I met my wife. We got Lexi dog. Earned some more degrees (MA English & English Education). Had a beautiful daughter. We moved to Bowie, MD, and I did freelance and raised my children as we expanded our family to two beautiful girls. We moved back to Reading. I invested more time in raising my two daughters. Lexi passed and Quinn joined us later followed by Max. Things got busy. Freelance became secondary as I focused on my family. But, I kept busy teaching, volunteering, coaching, doing some side gigs (it is a gig economy I’m told), and working on projects for non-profits and a few select clients. 
Now, the kids are older and more independent. So, I’ve decided to put my 25+ years of graphic design, creative, marketing, and art direction experience to work and thrust my toe back into the freelance pond!
If you are interested in working on a project together, please send me an email or just call (610-301-5792). I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

• Print Design
• Direct Mail
• Web Design
• Branding & Logo Design
• Promotional Materials
• Digital Illustration
• Social Media and Traditional Marketing
• Creative Solutions
• Personal Service
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